Latest reviews…

I’ve been reading widely lately, so my most recent reviews have covered Infertility treatments, Japanese thrillers, reminiscing about old TV shows and a new Alexander McCall Smith story…

The AMS book, Unusual Uses for Olive Oil, is from a series that I initially didn’t get on very well with.  I never mention the von Igelfeld stories when I enthuse about AMS to anyone, but actually this one pleased me more than the earlier stories – it wasn’t quite so dry and although the hero is still painfully pompous and awful I still enjoyed it.  You can read my full bookbag review here.

The book about infertility was interesting – it’s actually focussed on helping families deal with pregnancy, birth and parenting after infertility treatment and I thought it was sensitively handled and very well written – more on that here.

Villain turned out to be a difficult read.  If I hadn’t been reviewing it I probably wouldn’t have stuck with it, but as it was I’m glad I did.  Not really thrilling as a thriller, but it asks some interesting questions, if you can get beyond the truly dire, factual style at the beginning that is…Bookbag review up here.

Sophie Duffy’s The Generation Game is another that might have lost my attention initially, but again I was glad I kept on reading because the ending was wonderful – really took me by surprise and it was very well done.  See more on The Bookbag.


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