Catching up….

I thought I’d do a post about some of my favourite books that I’ve read and reviewed since March but haven’t posted about here…

For itty bitty babies my favourite recent read was  From the day you were born by Sophie Piper.
It’s a lovely, moving read and perfect for sharing with your baby as he or she grows up.  You can read my full review here.
Art and Max by David Wiesner was an unusual picture book.  Fabulous illustrations and a funny story, my Bookbag review is here.

For older kids I thought  Small Change For Stuart by Lissa Evans was a great read, full of action, adventure and mystery.  It’s full of humour, and the characters are very engaging.  My full review is here.

For the grown ups I loved Vaclav and Lena by Haley Tanner.  I knew almost as soon as I began that I would enjoy it, and I adored Vaclav, the main character.  The style and language is wonderful, and it’s such a sweet, tender story.  My full review is here.

Grace Williams Says It Loud by Emma Henderson is also a good debut novel and although I struggled with the style initially it was ultimately a compelling, emotional read.  My Bookbag review is here.

There was also the joy of this unusual, short novella: The Tiny Wife by Andrew Kaufman which was rather bizarre but I thoroughly enjoyed reading something a bit more experimental and fun, as you can see here.

Finally in non-fiction I enjoyed The Art of Roughhousing by Anthony T DeBenedet and Lawrence Cohen which advocates good old fashioned horseplay with your kids and led to some interesting Sunday afternoons in our house and my husband damaging his neck!  Find out more here.


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