Review: The Town Mouse and The Country Mouse by Aesop and Ayano Imai

Aesop’s fable of the town mouse and the country mouse is well known. When visiting the country mouse, town mouse declares that he has much nicer food available in his house. So country mouse goes to visit him. The food is very fancy and delicious, but the risks in getting it are much greater, and so the country mouse decides to go back to his quiet, humble home again.

The artwork in this book is lovely. The colours are soft, and each picture looks as if it has been painted on canvas. The mice are very mouse-like, although they do have little items of clothing on. I particularly liked all of the pictures in the countryside with dainty wildflowers, pretty butterflies and gently waving grasses. When the two mice go to town the sense of size is portrayed well, with huge pieces of cheese (requiring a ladder for access!) and large legs walking past the tiny mousehole.
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