Review: Poggle and the Treasure by Michael Evans

Poggle and his friend Henry are spending a fun day together at the beach playing pirates. They have made a pirate ship, eaten a pirate picnic, and fought a sea monster! Now they’re hunting for buried treasure, but rather than a chest full of gold they discover a large, pink egg!

It took us some time, when initially reading this book, to decide what sort of creature Poggle actually is. He’s blue and white, with fluffy looking ears and a spiky tail. We decided in the end that he was a dragon, but we’re still arguing about his friend, Henry, who looks like some sort of bear but he has funny bat ears and horns on top of his head! Your guess is as good as mine…Anyway, whatever they both are we enjoyed their story! Most children have pretended to be pirates at some point, so can immediately identify with the games Poggle and Henry are playing together. It was exciting to wonder what treasure they might find, and then to watch them figure out how to take care of the egg they discover. We enjoyed the suspense as they wait for the egg to hatch, and it’s fun to see what eventually emerges!

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