Review: Power of Three by Diana Wynne Jones

Gair’s father is the chief of their mount. Gair’s mother is famous for being incredibly wise. His brother and sister, Ceri and Ayna, both have special gifts, and so it is just Gair who is left feeling ordinary and out of place. However, when a powerful curse begins to affect the livelihoods not just of his people but also their enemies, the Dorig, and the Giants, it is up to Gair to find a way for them all to survive…

So, I should probably tell you first that when I began to read this story I groaned, inwardly. Everyone has funny Celtic names, they obviously aren’t human, and there’s another funny species they seem to be living in fear of, and I had one of those ‘oh no, I’m never going to follow this’ moments. However, that lasted about 3 pages because I was very quickly, and completely, hooked. Somehow Diana Wynne Jones creates a whole host of characters who bounce to life in your mind, and I wanted to know more…who were they? What were these words they could say to make things happen? Who were the Dorig? And what did the giants have to do with anything?

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