Review: My Cat Just Sleeps by Joanne Partis

The little girl in this story has a pet cat who she loves, but she’s noticed that whilst her cat spends his days sleeping all her friends’ cats seem to lead much more exciting lives, hunting and playing and climbing and fishing…she attempts to entice him into doing something active, but he sleeps through it all until, finally, she realises that even if he is very sleepy he’s also warm and cuddly and affectionate and she loves him very much. But she still wonders what it is that makes him so sleepy…

This is such a sweet story. We’re really more dog people than cat people in our house, but even I found a soft spot for this sleepy cat who manages to doze anywhere and everywhere! The language in the story is very simple, and the repetition throughout of my cat just sleeps works very well. We are introduced to usual cat behaviour (although rest assured there are thankfully no half eaten birds to be seen), and there is a laugh at each point as we see the little girl’s cat who, despite cajoling, is still curled up sleeping, ignoring her attempts to encourage his inner cat!

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