Review: Itchy Bear by Neil Griffiths and Judith Blake

Poor bear has an itch. An all-over sort of itch. And everywhere he goes to try and have a good scratch it seems he’s disturbing someone! Will he ever find anywhere for a satisfying scratch?!

This is a sweet story to share with young toddlers. Each time the bear finds a place to scratch it seems that someone nearby is disturbed and bear finds himself interrupting a digging mole, a snoozing owl and various other creatures. He finally finds a spot for a jolly good scratch but unfortunately he’s picked an apple tree and as he begins to scratch a huge pile of apples falls down on his head. Poor bear! The repetition works well through the story, with bear finding a scratching spot but then being thwarted in quenching his itch, each time saying oh dear and then oh dear, dear and oh dear, dear, dear! We quickly caught on to the pattern and started throwing in our own lengthy versions of ‘oh dear, dear, dear’ along with poor bear!
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