Review: Fatou, Fetch the Water by Neil Griffiths and Peggy Collins

Fatou is on her way to the well to collect water for dinner, but as she goes she is waylaid by various friends who have gifts and messages for Fatou to take for her mother. As the gifts pile up in Fatou’s arms, and the messages for her mother crowd her head Fatou, somehow, forgets to get any water!

This is a very simple story, but it’s so well told. The anticipation builds as you see Fatou’s arms full of gifts to carry. I actually thought that she would drop the water on herself, since she’s carrying the bucket on her head, but then she forgets to get any altogether. This idea seemed to really appeal to my four year old (perhaps because she’s always very easily distracted so will be sent to wash her hands and then be found just seconds later playing with something she came across on her way to the bathroom!) Anyway, there’s a definite charm to Fatou since we read it and read it again, and then read it a few more times again!

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