Review: Cat on the Mat and Friends by Brian Wildsmith

The first story in this book of four, Cat on the Mat, is a very simple tale in which each sentence is the (animal’s name) sat on the mat, the first animal being the cat, with accompanying pictures showing the mat getting more and more crowded. Finally the cat hisses and spits and so we return to just the cat sitting alone on the mat!

All of the stories carry this simplicity. The second story deals with animal noises, each one adding an extra animal to make the noise until something says Toot, toot! and we find that it’s a train, carrying the animals away. All Fall Down builds on the simple sentence I see a bee, with additional creatures being added on each page, so next it is I see a bee and a butterfly. We find, at the end, that all the creatures are balanced precariously on a ball, hence the story’s title! The final story sees a leopard, goat and monkey on a raft (at which point I found myself thinking of that old maths problem where you have to transport a lion and two other animals that lions like to eat across a river without anyone getting eaten…) Here the animals spot an island en route and they jump off, but the island starts to sink down, and down, before suddenly rising back up and showing us that it isn’t an island, but actually a hippo!
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