Review: Bug and Bear by Ann Bonwill and Layn Marlow

Bug really, really wants to play a game with Bear, but Bear is tired and she wants a nap. Bug follows Bear around everywhere, pestering and pleading until, finally, Bear loses her temper and tells Bug to go away and leave her alone. She finally settles down for her nap but then discovers that she can’t sleep…

Friendships can be tricky. Toddlers can jump from best of friends to sworn enemies in the time it takes to fetch the biscuit tin from the kitchen, so this book addresses how true friendships can survive the odd rocky patch. After telling Bug to buzz off, Bear finds that she’s unable to sleep as she feels bad about what she said to her friend. She gets up and goes to find him, offering to play games with him if he wants. However by this point Bug is tired too, so they both curl up to nap together.

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