Review: When Baby Lost Bunny by Julia Jarman & Adrian Reynolds

A little boy goes for a walk with his mum, dad, baby brother and dog. Along the way baby is trying very hard to tell them all something, but they misunderstand him over and over again until, frustrated, he starts to cry. Suddenly his big brother figures out what the problem is and is able to make his baby brother smile again.

Those paying attention to the pictures will see that very close to the beginning, baby drops his bunny toy, and thus begins the trouble. Toddlers will recognise the frustrations of not being understood, and so identify with the poor, increasingly upset baby who can’t make himself heard. It’s a nice story for sibling relationships, showing the role an older sibling can play with a young baby in helping them be understood, as well as sharing fun family time together.

Read the rest of my review for The Bookbag.


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