Review: Simon and the Easter Miracle: A Traditional Tale for Easter by Mary Joslin and Anna Luraschi

Simon is on his way to market with his eggs, wine and bread to sell. On his way he gets caught up in a crowd watching soldiers forcing a man to carry his cross out of the city. When the man is unable to carry his cross any longer the soldiers look around for someone else to do so, and they pick on Simon. After carrying the cross to the place of crucifixion Simon hurries back to get his goods, but he finds they’ve been spilt, broken and trampled. He returns home, dejected. The next morning, however, he discovers there has been a miracle and there are 12 white doves and Spring has come early to warm his crops.

I liked the idea of coming at the Easter story from a different angle. Apparently the story of Simon of Cyrene has, over the years, been woven into Polish folklore and this is a retelling of that folk tale. The illustrations are lovely. I liked the bright coloured clothing, the atmospheric skies and the endearing animals and birds. I wasn’t too sure about the faces of the humans in the story – their features are occasionally so very feint as to almost not be there, but the mount of crucifixion scene is very atmospheric as well as the pages at the end showing the renewal are colourful and beautifully drawn.

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