Review: Rollo and Ruff and the Little Fluffy Bird by Mick Inkpen

Somebody has been chewing Rollo’s mat…and somebody has taken Rollo’s little red ball…and somebody has been leaving wet footprints all over the floor. But who could it be? Mick Inkpen’s latest book introduces us to three new characters: Rollo the cat, LFB (as she’s referred to in the book, standing for little fluffy bird) and Ruff the rat.

The mystery thief turns out to be Ruff the rat who has also fallen asleep in LFB’s nest. When Rollo and LFB discover him there they declare him to be stinky, but that just makes him cry and he runs away to hide. After luring him out with a trail of sweeties, and making him his own cosy little nest to sleep in, they finally all become friends. Although Ruff does sneak out in the night to take a quick shower under a dripping tap, so that nobody will ever call him stinky again!

Read the rest of my review for The Bookbag.


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