Review: Mole’s Babies by David Bedford and Rosalind Beardshaw

Morris the mole is about to become a first time dad. Excited and eager to be a good parent he goes looking around the farmyard to see the best way to make his babies happy. He tries to hop like a bunny, splash like a duck, and flap like a bird, but each attempt fails and Morris becomes worried about how he will ever manage to make his little babies happy.

This is a sweet story that is lovely to share with a small child. The plot is very simple as we watch Morris try and fail to copy the other animals in their happy actions. Of course the ending reveals that Morris should stop trying to be someone he’s not because all that he needs to give his babies is love! I liked the flow of the words, the simplicity becoming a sort of poetry so that although the story isn’t written in rhyme it has a lovely feel to it. The font of the text changes through the book, in size and in style, and although I sometimes find it off-putting when this happens in a story, here it blended in well with the style and feel of the book.

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