Review: Zimbabwe in Pictures by Keith Hern

I’m a bit of an amateur photographer, and since the advent of digital cameras I always come back from holidays with thousands of photos, over-excited by the fact that I am no longer limited to 24 or 36 exposure films! I enjoy, therefore, flicking through photography books, to see the images that have captured someone else’s imagination and to see if I can pick up any interesting framing ideas, or subject settings.

I found, unfortunately, that I was quite disappointed by this book. Rather than a glossy, coffee table book that I would pick up and put down with pleasure, or just sit and pore over a favourite image, it felt rather amateur. Although all the images are full colour, and each one takes a whole page, they’re printed in matt and don’t look vastly better in quality than those I can print from my own printer. The contrast levels don’t seem to be right on some of the photos, and details are lost in darkness. There were also too many double page spreads containing one photo in portrait and one in landscape which might not be a problem for some people but which drove me mad turning the book back and forth to look at the pictures the right way round!

Read the rest of my review for The Bookbag.


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