Review: The Heron and The Crane by John Yeomans and Quentin Blake

Heron and Crane live at opposite ends of the swamp. One day Crane decides that he is lonely and he would like to get married. Heron seems the only suitable potential mate, and so he makes his way over to propose. Heron, taken completely by surprise, reacts badly to this sudden proposal and rejects Crane, rather insultingly. Poor Crane. As he makes his way home, Heron is overcome with guilt and decides perhaps she would like to marry him after all.

I read this without my daughter at first, and I must say I was a little surprised by the story. After Heron rejects Crane, she then goes over to apologise and ask if he will marry her after all, but he is cross and proud and sends her on her way, in floods of tears. Crane then decides to go back to see Heron again to apologise, but as soon as he gets there she starts shouting at him! Seeing Crane go back looking so sad and forlorn, Heron regrets her haste and once again and goes back to see him to apologise, but once again Crane is too proud and angry to listen to her, and thus their courtship continues forevermore!

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