Review: The Clumsies Make a Mess of the Big Show by Sorrel Anderson

This is the third book about The Clumsies, two small mice who live in Howard Armitage’s office, and manage, whatever the situation, to make a mess! A big show is being put on at work, and Howard’s boss wants Howard to sing. The Clumsies decide to intervene, in order to help out Howard, and chaos ensues…

I did think, initially, that it might have been helpful for me to have read the first two Clumsies books so that I’d better understand what was going on. However, as the story continued I decided that they were both probably just as bizarre as this one and would be unlikely to provide me with any satisfactory answers to questions such as why is there a small elephant in Howard’s office who joins in the Clumsies escapades from time to time? (Is he a toy? Or a real elephant? Where did he come from and what is he doing there?) Or why is the post trolley seemingly possessed, running amok in the corridors of Howard’s offices? Surreal humour is just how these books function, and once you’ve accepted that fairies on top of the Christmas tree talk, as do the mice, as does the lift, and the aforementioned trolley, then you can just let yourself get sucked into the story!

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