Review: Horrid Henry’s Thank You Letter by Francesca Simon

I’m sure most of us have, at one time or another, found ourselves being forced to write a huge pile of thank you letters to distant relatives, perhaps even for gifts that we weren’t all that excited to receive in the first place! This is the predicament that Henry finds himself in, and rather than knuckle down to get them over and done with he, of course, procrastinates as much as possible before coming up with an ingenious, money-making scheme!

I do like the Horrid Henry stories. He’s so terribly bad, sometimes to the point where I feel uncomfortable reading them, but of course kids love the anarchy of it all and revel in his bad attitude and bad behaviour. As my daughter is only four we’re still reading these stories aloud to her. She particularly enjoyed this early reader edition since it has so many colour illustrations by the wonderful Tony Ross. They helped keep her attention through the story, and they’re perfect for early readers going it alone since they break up the text into small, manageable chunks as well as giving clues as to what’s happening in the story.

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