Review: even the dogs by Jon McGregor

I loved Jon McGregor’s previous two novels, If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things and So Many Ways to Begin. They’re both lyrical, poetically observed works so I was really looking forward to reading his latest book. It is, unfortunately, quite a different sort of story…

It’s hard to precis what happens exactly, but basically a man is found dead in his flat between Christmas and New Year, and the book slowly pieces together what happened thanks to a chorus of narrating voices (who are apparently also dead) as well as some stream-of-consciousness style pieces from other characters. There’s a flavour of ‘whodunnit’ since we don’t know what happened to the dead man, if he was murdered by one of the many people we see enter his house before the police arrive, or if he died from natural causes, but mostly this book spends a lot of time trying very hard to be, well, shocking and clever.

Read the rest of my review for The Bookbag.


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