Review: Bree McCready and the Flame of Irenus By Hazel Allan

Bree is back! She and her best friends, Sandy and Honey, are enjoying the summer holidays until one day Mimi, Honey’s little sister, goes missing. The three friends find themselves once more having to search out the old, mysterious book that fits with the heart locket in order to try to find and save Mimi. Back in the mysterious land they went to during the first of Bree’s adventures the three friends face more challenges than ever before, and this time Mimi’s life hangs in the balance so they must succeed!

I really enjoyed the first Bree McCready story so I was eager to read the sequel. It’s another great tale of friendship. There are some lovely moments of humour between the three friends who are each well-drawn characters. Sandy (who I found rather insipid in the first Bree) has grown on me somewhat, and I enjoyed the interplay between the three friends. I like that Hazel Allen has formed a mixed-sex friendship. Like the Harry-Ron-Hermione triangle, Bree, Sandy and Honey work well together and it’s interesting to see their different strengths (and weaknesses) come into play during the various dangers they face.

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