Review: Running Rhino by Mwenye Hadithi and Adrienne Kennaway

Rhino runs everywhere. And as he runs, he leaves a wake of devastation in his path. The other animals are fed up of this rampant running and so Lion confronts him, telling him he must stop. Rhino refuses and challenges anyone to try and stop him. Out of all the animals it is little Tickbird who takes up his challenge, with interesting results!

This is a nice book to read aloud, with plenty of opportunities for putting on voices (I enjoyed being the Lion) and Rhino’s obstinate responses provide plenty of humour. It’s probably best for older toddlers (or very patient little ones) as it has a proper storyline to follow rather than being a simple picture book. But it does provide a nice introduction to various different African animals, seen in their natural habitat. The language is easy to understand throughout the book, apart from the moment when Tickbird appears carrying three ‘gourds,’ which required a brief interlude whilst my daughter and I talked about what a gourd actually is. I like interesting words being thrown into picture books however, and so I’m currently waiting for her to find an opportunity to use ‘gourd’ in conversation!
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