Review: In the Beginning by Jan Pienkowski and David Walser

Using a modified text, based on the King James bible, this book collects some of the best-loved stories from the Old Testament and they are portrayed in full page, gloriously vibrant pictures. With everything from the Creation through to Noah, Joseph and David and Goliath this is an extensive collection of stories to share with children. My daughter and I love Pienkowski’s funny illustrations throughout the Meg and Mog stories, so I was hopeful that this would be another lovely book to share with her.

The illustrations certainly are wonderful. Some are artistic, swirls of colour or dramatic silhouette images. Others are more cartoon-ish, people with funny expressions and cute animals, or imaginative takes on the story. In the story of Noah, for example, one page is a picture list of animals for Noah to take into the ark. Certain animals are ticked, then others have crosses over them such as a couple of dinosaurs and a unicorn! The colours are gorgeous, so bright and appealing, and although they’re quite simple there still seems to be lots to take in, and lots to discuss.
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