Review: Through Thick and Thin by Gok Wan

Famous for his sensitivity and understanding with women, encouraging them and enabling them to accept themselves, and their bodies, as they are, Gok Wan’s autobiography sadly tells a very different story with regards to his own body acceptance. Having gained weight throughout his childhood, getting up to twenty one stone as a teenager, he loathed his body and ended up starving himself, becoming anorexic in a desperate effort to be thin and, therefore, successful. Perhaps this is where his empathy comes from? That when he stands a woman in front of a wall of mirrors in her underwear, he actually truly understands what it is to loathe your own body.

I didn’t realise that Gok’s original ambitions had been to act, and that it is only through a series of lucky incidents that he ended up first as a make-up artist, then stylist, before moving onto our TV screens. The book tells of his childhood, growing up in a mixed race family (his dad is Hong Kong Chinese, his mum is white), flunking out of school, going on to study drama and working a series of dead-end jobs before wheeling and dealing (well, basically lying) his way into the style business.

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