Review: The Secret Lives of Princesses by Philippe Lechermeier and Rebecca Dautremer

Ah, the French! They’re so good at being funny in eccentric ways. This book is a perfect example. Although princesses such as Cinderella are mentioned in passing, here we are being introduced to less commonly known princesses like Princess Alli Fabette who is verry pritty butt she has a huje problim: she dusn’t spell verry welll or Princess Anne Phibian who is obsessed with frogs, is convinced her Prince Charming is disguised as one, and spends most of her time standing in ponds kissing every green creature she encounters.

The text is witty, bizarre and in only a short time you realise that readers are meant to find themselves identifying with some of these princesses (I think I am Princess Paige of course, reading everything I can find!) There are those who sleep too much, clumsy princesses, stubborn ones, chatterboxes…you name it, there’s a princess for it. In fact, there’s a little quiz at the end which will tell you, should you so wish, what sort of Princess you are. My result told me that unicorns tell you all their secrets, and your feet never hurt, even after wearing high heels all day. I’m afraid I’ve actually been known to take my shoes off because I can no longer walk in them, but the bit about the unicorns is true.
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