Review: A Little Princess Treasury by Tony Ross

Most parents of two to three year olds will surely be aware of The Little Princess. She is used universally whilst potty training thanks to I want my potty! and always seems to raise giggles and sniggers from little ones when her stories are read aloud. I do enjoy reading them aloud, as I get to be loud and shouty and obnoxious! This treasury is a lovely collection, with a wide range of stories as well as some puzzles for slightly older toddlers thrown in too.

We see the princess going through a variety of different experiences, such as giving up her dummy, losing her first tooth, gaining a sibling and going to hospital. I particularly enjoyed I want to do it by myself for that is a common cry in our house, and my daughter’s favourite was I want TWO Birthdays, for obvious reasons! Tony Ross manages to capture both how little children think and feel in a way that is funny for both child and parent to read, and the topics he touches on are useful for day to day life with a tempestuous toddler!
Read the rest of my review for The Bookbag.


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