Review: The Doll’s House Fairy by Jane Ray

Rosy has a beautiful dolls’ house that she enjoys playing with every Saturday with her dad. However, one Saturday she wakes up to find her dad is ill and has gone to hospital, so she is left to play alone. When she goes to the dolls’ house, however, she discovers that a messy little fairy named Thistle has moved in!

My daughter, who is almost four, really loved this story and after the first reading requested it over and over. It’s a sweet story, looking at a child’s way of dealing with the unsettling news of her dad being sick. Thistle the fairy comes to stay in Rosy’s dolls’ house because her wing is poorly, and so just as Rosy’s dad gets better and comes home, Thistle recovers too and flies away. I love the gentle relationship between Rosy and her father, the routine to their Saturday mornings together, and the lovely dolls’ house that they have created. Thistle the fairy is also a funny character, and I particularly liked how Rosy goes out to fetch her berries and petals and rainwater, all of which Thistle rejects and she instead asks Have you got any crisps?

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