Review: Getting Away With It by Julie Cohen

Julie Cohen’s latest book is a different creature to her previous novels. It’s not just that it’s longer, although the length allows for more characterisation and trickier, complex plots than her Little Black Dress books, but it also feels different in style. There’s the same quirky side that Julie writes so well – the heroine this time is a stunt woman, some bizarre ice cream flavours and there’s some interesting crop-circle action! But the book feels more serious – more grown up somehow – yet just as readable and compelling as her previous stories have been.

So, the story basics in a nutshell are that Liza ran away from her home, a quiet little English village, years ago and she escaped to LA for the thrills and spills of a life as a stunt woman. However, when things get a little bit too dangerous she finds herself heading back home to her twin sister. When she gets there she finds that Lee, her twin, has run away. Liza is left to cope with their ailing mother, the Haven ice cream business, and Lee’s rather gorgeous boyfriend. Rather than telling everyone who she is straight away, she inadvertently finds herself pretending to be Lee and discovers that she rather likes being the good twin for once.

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