Review: Frightfully Friendly Ghosties by Daren King

After scaring all the still-alives from their house we’re back with the frightfully friendly ghosties who, since it’s winter, have decided that they need a holler-day. After an argument over their destination (will it be Frighten-on-Sea or Scare-borough?) they receive a postcard from their friend, Headless Leslie. He is in Frighten and has forgotten how to get back home! So, off they go to Frighten to enjoy the delights of a haunted pier and fun fair and to try and rescue Headless Leslie from whatever trouble he has landed himself in.

There is a lot of silliness in this book, especially Charlie Vapour who is a sort of 1940’s ghost who keeps on doffing his hat all the time and reminded me of Leslie Phillips in a dodgy-dealing, oozing-charm kind of way. The ghosts are forever wisping off, through cracks and wood knots and have their own little quirks. They also seem to have their own special skills, but ask the others to look away when performing them, which made me smile.

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