Review: The Book of Bones by Natasha Narayan

I thoroughly enjoyed Kit Salter’s previous two adventures, The Mummy Snatcher of Memphis and The Maharajah’s Monkey, so I was looking forward to her latest outing. Here in The Book of Bones I read anxiously as Kit and her friends were kidnapped by their arch enemies, The Baker Brothers. The Baker Brothers tell them that one of the friends has been poisoned, but not which one, and the only way to save themselves is if they undertake a dangerous journey to China in search of an ancient book about martial arts, the Book of Bones. En route the children do battle with pirates, doctors of phrenology as well as the Emperor’s army. Will they discover which of them has been poisoned, or find the magical book, before it’s too late…?

Once again, the aspects that worked so well in previous books can be found. Kit is as feisty as ever, perhaps even more stubborn than before (if that’s possible!) although I sympathised with her more in this story as her fears that she is the one who has been poisoned felt very realistic. Historical thoughts and opinions are woven easily into the book, such as the problems of opium export and addiction, and once again the travels of the children are described well, atmospheric and full of tension and suspense.

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