Review: The Three Little Witches by Georgie Adams and Emily Bolam

What happens when three little witches decide to throw a Halloween party? This entertaining story takes us through their decisions over who to invite: Baby Dragon and Wizard Wink are definite, but what about the naughty little witch called Melissa? Then once the invitations have been sent they need to clean the house, await every one’s replies, shop for the party and finally host the Halloween celebrations.

There are colourful, funny illustrations throughout this story that really add to the tale. I particularly liked all the different replies the little witches get to their party invites, complete with spelling mistakes. They all take a different format, so you’re wondering through each chapter whose reply will arrive next. It makes it a really fun story to read for someone who is just beginning to gain confidence with reading, as you not only need to read the story’s text but there are also bits of text to read within the pictures too, with a map of the area the witches live in, or a picture of all the different rooms in their house, as well as the invitation replies.

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