Review: Just Look at Me Now by Nell Dixon

Big Barb, tub of lard, has turned her life around. No longer overweight with wonky teeth and frizzy hair she has transformed herself into Tia Carpenter, the stylish Beauty editor at Platinum magazine. She has always kept her previous life secret, even from her best friends, but then Juliet Gold, the girl who tormented her at school, joins the magazine as Fashion Editor and suddenly Tia’s new life is threatened.

There is plenty for hardcore chick lit fans to enjoy in this novel, with most of the characters working for a glamorous, glossy women’s magazine, a dashing, rich hero-with-a-heart, and a scheming, bitchy rival for his affections. The main character provides hope for the underdog, having undergone a makeover to transform her from Barb to Tia, and of course, as is the way, she wins the man in the end. There are funny moments, one racy sex scene on a kitchen table, and a great scene near the end where Tia finally stands up to Juliet.

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