Review: A Trick of the Dark by BR Collins

What if you found a way to cheat death? What if it left you pain-free forever, both physically and emotionally? But what if it also meant you had to split your soul, and that left you unable to touch anyone ever again? After Zach and Annis are dragged to France for a family reconciliation events are set in motion that cannot be undone. Annis sees Zach killed by a the tumbling wall of an old ruined house, yet moments later he is standing, unharmed, in front of her. As she tries to help Zach, and appease her bitter, broken parents, she is dragged deeper and deeper into the horror of Zach’s situation.

This is a dark, exciting read that raised some interesting ideas about life and death. There is a warning on the cover, and from me too, that there is a lot of swearing. I’m no prude, but I was quite shocked at just how much there was and I actually felt it was a distraction from what is otherwise an excellent story. It seemed like it was being done just to be cool or authentically teen, purposefully shocking or controversial. I didn’t think it needed it, and it would have been better without quite so much. For me, the language would put the book in the mid to late teens age range, but that’s a personal preference and I’m sure plenty of younger teens will read it too if their parents don’t mind.

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