Review: Phoebe Finds Her Voice by Anne-Marie Conway

This is a sweet story in which Anne-Marie Conway makes good use of the current obsession with all-singing, all-dancing shows. Her lead character, Phoebe, is painfully shy. She never used to be though, and always loved singing and dancing before, but since she moved up to the big school, and things started to go wrong at home, she has lost her confidence. Against all her inner fears she somehow ends up joining the local drama club, and whilst she tries to find ways to deal with her crippling stage fright she also begins fighting to get her parents back together again.

I found this an engaging and heart-warming story, easy to read with believable characters. Phoebe’s shyness is so well described that I felt myself cringing as she blushed and cowered or found herself reduced to tears, frustrated by her shyness. As I began the book I was a little worried that everything would happen too easily for Phoebe – it seemed that the Star Makers Club might be just a plot link to give Phoebe a lead role in which she’d obviously shine and everything would be horribly twee and happy ever after. Fortunately the book is much better than that, and I was intrigued as I read to see how things would resolve themselves.

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