Review: The Cat Kin by Nick Green

A group of misfit children find themselves at the local sports centre having arrived to take various different classes but find they’re all part of a group being run by the strange Mrs Powell who teaches them about Pashki. Pashki shows them how to ‘find their inner cat’ as it were (I know – bear with me, it does get better!) and utilise their new skills to move quietly, stealthily and even super-humanly across fences, tree branches, skipping from pole to pole and even from one bus rooftop to another in an exciting chase sequence. Ben and Tiffany both have their own sets of troubles at home, and so Pashki becomes an escape for them both. However, they soon find their new skills get them into more trouble than they could ever have imagined.

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2 responses to “Review: The Cat Kin by Nick Green

  1. I am really chuffed with this review – thank you. The fact that you didn’t much care for pashki itself but enjoyed the story nonetheless is very gratifying. It shows how much I can get away with…!


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