Review: Bella Should Have Dumped Edward by Michelle Pan

I’m sure die hard (Twi-hard) fans will love this book, since it gives them a little bit more about Bella and Edward and Jacob. All those things they’ve mulled over since the series ended are encapsulated in the topics raised here. Team Edward need not shake their heads in dismay at the book’s title – it’s controversial on purpose – and the question of who Bella should have ended up with is looked at from both points of view, along with other issues such as whether she should have become a vampire, the faithfulness of the films to the books and which character readers would most like to be.

It’s a shame, actually, that the book starts with this ‘who would you most like to be’ question as it unsettled me to see a sixteen year old girl wanting to be Bella (who turns into a vampire by the end of the series) and a fourteen year old wanting to be Nessie who is half human, half vampire. I suppose if Twilight has been their first introductions to vamps then they can be forgiven for wanting to be one, since Stephenie Meyer did give us a whole family of ‘vegetarian’ vampires who are all very nice and touchy-feely, rather than the usual rip-your-throat-open types (who, to be fair, are also in the book – but of course they’re not the sort that Bella falls in love with…)

Read the rest of my review for The Bookbag.


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