Review: Aunt Severe and the Dragons by Nick Garlick

Daniel is a little boy whose parents have gone away exploring. They telephone him every day, but then one day the phone calls stop and so Daniel has to go to live with his Aunt Severe. She takes his toys away, feeds him spinach sandwiches, wakes him every day at four-thirty and gets him helping with her rather strange rubbish-collecting activities. Things get more interesting for Daniel when he discovers four little lost dragons hiding in Aunt Severe’s garden. He tries to help them, but before he can do anything three of the dragons are captured and locked up in a zoo. Daniel is left to rescue them with only the fourth dragon, Dud’s, help and, as you can imagine, he’s called ‘Dud’ for a reason!

I really like the way this story is told. There are times when the story might seem a little bit odd, but really this is where the humour lies. The reader must suspend disbelief right from the start, trusting that a little boy would be left to live alone with only a daily phone call from his exploring parents to see he’s alright! This continues through the rest of the story, with talking dragons (who go to dragon school), an aunt who appears to earn a living from making things out of rubbish, and a lack of surprise from people about the appearance of dragons in the town.

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