Review: The Hoozles: My Magical Teddy by Jessie Little

The Hoozles: My Magical Teddy by Jessie LittleWillow and her brother Freddie have gone to stay in Summertown with their Aunt Suzy whilst their parents are away for the summer. Aunt Suzy owns a toy shop in town, and she makes her own special Hoozle soft toys. Willow and Freddie each have a Hoozle of their own that their Aunt made for them – Willow has Toby the teddy bear and Freddie has Wobbly the Lion. Willow loves Toby dearly, but it isn’t until she is staying with her aunt that she discovers that Toby can come to life and talk to her and she can talk to him! And so begins a summer full of magical adventures for Willow and the Hoozles.

I thought this was a sweet idea for a story. I was very attached to my own dear Teddy when I started school, so much so that he had to come along with me every day. Fortunately I had a very understanding teacher who not only gave Teddy his own reading book for class but she also added him to the register and would call out every morning ‘Teddy Neilson?’ and I would reply with a happy ‘Yes Miss!’ Anyway, you can tell I would have been the target market for this kind of story, can’t you?

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