Review: Make a Move by Steven Gaskin

I don’t usually read spy stories, but this one grabbed me from the start, perhaps because it isn’t really about espionage so much as it’s a story about friendship. The episodic writing style moves the story along at a quick pace and gives it an unusual flavour, and I mean unusual in a really good way. I found I often laughed out loud as I read, and I kept reading on and on, unwilling to put the book down, and eager to find out what would happen next. The characters jump to life in your mind, becoming so real that you’re utterly committed to them and their exploits – so much so that I even found I fancied one of them by the end. I know. A fictional guy in a book. That hasn’t happened to me since Pride & Prejudice…

There’s just the right balance of fun, action and character development, and don’t let the childish humour fool you into thinking this isn’t a smart book. It is. I loved it.

You can buy an e-copy here or the ‘real’ book here.


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