Review: Princess for Hire by Lindsey Leavitt

Princess for Hire

Desi is not the happiest of teenagers, although when are teenage girls ever actually happy? Anyway, her ex-best friend Celeste is doing everything possible to humiliate and alienate her from their friends, and to top it all off Celeste is also dating the boy Desi has a huge crush on, Hayden. (He is perhaps a dubious prospect for Desi since he can’t even get her name right). Still, she has landed herself a summer job working for a pet store and although it involves being dressed in a furry groundhog costume at least no-one can tell it’s her in there. Well, not until Celeste comes along and unmasks her. In front of Hayden. Desi finds herself feeling more and more like vapour every day, that she doesn’t matter or almost doesn’t exist. Cue the fairy-godmother style entrance of Meredith, an agent for Facade which is a magical company that offers jobs to teens with magical potential to work as substitute princesses…

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